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Why were Yazidis massacred for thousands of years? Why they migrated from Turkey? Why do they turn their faces to the sun? Is it possible to remain in Turkey?

A section of the different provinces of Iraq, thousands have sought refuge in a part of Rojava also came to Turkey. The fate of the Yazidis who scattered to places such as Silopi, Midyat and Viranşehir is not yet clear.

So the number before the last migration in Turkey falling nearly 500 people, and how do we even know how much discussion conducted Ezidis of the other way around?

We spoke with Turkey in carrying out the most comprehensive study on Ezidis Bilgi University Department of History faculty member Amed Gökçen.

The word Yazidi has a very serious negative perception in the Middle East. Due to Yazid Bin Muawiya who killed Hasan and Huseyin, Yazid is said to be an insult and swearing among Alevis, Shiites and some Sunni communities. Thousands of children of these people were killed just because of the letter “Y”. Evliya Çelebi also mentions this when he says “Karbala’s revenge has been taken”. Because the basic idea in the Ottoman Empire was not much different from today’s. These are descendants of Yazid. It was thought that these people should be drawn into Islam somehow. However, Yazidis have nothing to do with it.

First of all, we will define Yazidis as a nation. Yazidis are born, they cannot become Yazidi. People can leave Ezidism but cannot enter Ezidism.

This 12th century dating is a definition put forward by researchers. Outsiders define everything about Yazidis anyway. They are a very passive people. They lived as nomads until the early 1900s. They banned literacy until 1970, but this should not be generalized to all Yazidis. We are talking about a people who did not have their own states or military power. They live inside.

Sheikh Adi b. The guest came to Lalesh in the 12th century and systematized Ezidism like other religions, set certain unchangeable principles, set rules, and we think in a mathematical way as if it determined the caste system.

But if you go and ask Yazidis, they will date the beginning of their history to a time before Adam. Because they believe they are born of a soul, of an angel.

Yazidis say that the last one they went through 72 massacres was the 73rd massacre. Why were these people massacred so much?

We do not know the dates of all 72 massacres. But we know its perpetrators. Everyone in the Middle East. Kurds, Arabs and Turkmens. The only reason they united in this massacre against Yazidis is that they do not recognize Yazidi culture. Knowing wrong and believing everything that is said about them. There is a traditional belief in God widespread in the Middle East.

Therefore, they do not see the small beliefs and evaluate the whole world on the basis of three great beliefs and suspect those other than them. But why? It has no book, it is not arrogant, nor does it say anything. We don’t see that they don’t need books, that this can be a great power. If you have a book you are holy, otherwise you are not. This is the general perception.

Ezidis also believe in one God. Just like in Islam, Christianity and Judaism. They fast, they have certain merits and sins.

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