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guide to online dating: The reason i’m my partner and i becoming approached simply by software on internet dating sites – iTechQueen

In the end, however, it always depends on yourself, the more time and energy you put into it, the more you get out of it.

The best thing about the courses, in particular, is that you have permanent access to the various topics and you can even look back at any time if you don’t need advice again after a long relationship or time.

Before dating Samuel, I knew I wasn’t the best at online dating. Nonetheless, I had successes again and again, but unfortunately not the success I wanted.

Together we checked my profile, analyzed some of my old chat logs and wrote to a few women together. Two sex dates later. my worldview was completely destroyed: I couldn’t believe it! Is it really that easy to meet women for quick sex on popular online dating apps? Yes!

Regardless of whether you are looking for a steady relationship or lots of sex dates when it comes to (online) dating, I can warmly recommend Samuel to you.

I’m Jacob and I bought your course on the subject of online dating because I had personal contact with Samuel in advance by email on the subject of profile text.

I just had the feeling that I was in good hands with you. Your videos on YouTube have of course also convinced me and keep giving me new inspiration.

Of course, my matches have grown and if I get more than 3 or 4 messages with a girl, 90% of the time it will be a date. With what I write, I am now very sure that it will lead to success!

I was also totally surprised that I was contacted. My creativity and my wit while writing have both gone through the roof and with experience, the dates just get better!

Everyone should be told that baskets can get you incredibly far by showing courage and greatness, accepting criticism and using it for yourself.

I bought your course a few months ago. At first I was very skeptical of what this would bring me etc … but since I’ve been following you on YouTube for a long time and I was always able to learn new things here, I thought what should go wrong and bought it.

So far the course has broadened my horizons extremely, because I know what is now possible in online dating, thanks to Samuel. And what I want to achieve with the newly acquired knowledge. So far I haven’t done all the modules, so I can’t give final feedback yet.

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